A million little business ideas came about when...

"It's all been done. I'm too late to the Internet party and there's no room in retail or ecommerce for me." said a client.  

It broke my heart as we sat in a Sydney cafe on a warm afternoon.  They felt like every niche and angle had been taken and they had somehow been shut out from creating something. Perhaps you feel the same way, you don't have the time, tools and big money business idea to cut through the noise.

So here we are with a million little business ideas.  Founded in Sydney for people all around the world who have a vision for their life. A place for small business ideas, the best we can find on the web. Whether you want to start a business or growth hack a business this is a place where people with a vision for their lives discover online business ideas, startup tips, tools and insights for fast results. The low-stress, high velocity guide to creating a business that will fit you like a glove. No business, no problem!

And who am I...

I'm Sharyn Reesby, a digital nomad and Business Coach, I've lived in Turkey, Thailand and the UK, currently at large in Queensland, Australia. I run coaching and online programs that help people like you get clear on your objective for creating a business, define your business idea and niche, make a plan to exit corporate employment and and create unique businesses and products that are at the perfect vehicle for your abilities. I love the laptop life far away from the commuting, cubicles and office politics.

But it wasn't always like that I was a corporate warrior goddess raking in a living but hacking out sanity in the city. I worked hard, climbed up the ladder in top-notch businesses, wore the suits, became tired, eventually sick plus my relationships suffered. After getting knocked around by multiple redundancies and other corporate disappointments I decided to create my own economy.

From my own experiment with work design I - initially negotiating a nine-day fortnight for ten days pay. Gaining confidence negotiated that down to down to two days week getting paid for five at full-time contracting rates. I have traded the concrete spires of London and Sydney, power politics, rush hour and the tyranny of the cubical for something else. Me as the best boss for me.

And I did it all one step at a time.  You can too. Because, perhaps the best boss for you, is you.

Facts about me

  • I was born in New Zealand. I haven’t lived there for over 20 years I haven’t lost my accent
  • I have lived in the UK, Thailand and currently reside in Australia
  • I have been a temporary resident and tax payer of Turkey and owned property there in one of my passive income projects
  • I have been a product digital product creator most almost all of my career. My first digital product to market was Conveyancing Practitioner, for real estate transactions, it was on floppy disc I was 21
  • I travel extensively for work and pleasure and have visited over 50 countries. Egypt, Italy, Morocco and Cambodia are my current favourite countries to go to
  • I love public speaking and have never had a fear of talking publicly
  • Tech-curious

Sometimes I am in Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia when I don't have my passport in hand.


sharyn reesby

Sharyn Reesby is the creator of The 10-Day Entrepreneur and Personal Prosperity Formula. She's the founder of A Million Little Business ideas. Sharing business ideas and connecting with social entrepreneurs with a vision for their life and startup. Riffing ideas. Building cool stuff.  Travel junkie. Cricket fan. Follow @CreateAllThings