Podcast: Jenny Blake: Pivot Method. Getting Creative Things Done In Business

Podcast Pivot Method

Podcaster: Jenny Blake 

Jenny Blake is a self confessed Silicon Valley bred career and business strategist, and undoubted author and speaker. She amassed her experience in tech startups and was a Career Development Program Manager at Google. Her Pivot Method Podcast covers everything from how to land a book deal to nurturing creativity in business.  She advocates employees and entrepreneurs “pivot before they leap” by finding further growth within their company or existing assets to avoid feeling like their only option is to quit.

Episodes we love:

  • Unmistakable: Why Only Is Better Than Best With Srinivas Rao Don’t just create art, says Srinivas Rao, strive for unmistakable art—output so unique it doesn’t even require a signature, and by nature eliminates all competition. It is yours and yours alone.
  • Surge: How To Spot And Ride Trend Waves Mike Michalowicz discusses his book, Surge, which describes how entrepreneurs can make their own luck by learning to spot trend waves and ride them effectively, and when to “dump” a fad or trend wave as it’s about to crash upon the shore.

  • Find Your Breakthrough Idea And Build A Following With Dorie Clark Dorie Clark delves into the best way to develop and share ideas that make a difference in others’ lives. Dorie created a 42-page Stand Out self-assessment workbook that she shared with the Jenny Blake community. It has 139 questions you can ask yourself to hone your own breakthrough ideas and share them with the world — consider it a roadmap for connecting with your biggest idea and becoming a recognised expert. Recommended.

  • Illuminate: How To Lead A Movement With Nancy Duarte What are the key ingredients to leading a movement? Nancy Duarte anwsers that question along with How do you motivate others  through the change process? What happens when you hit a natural plateau in the growth cycle? 

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