Video Introduction: The 10-Day Entrepreneur. No business, no product, no list, no website, no problem!

The 10-Day Entrepreneur is a step-by-step how to start a startup in a box. It's an entirely self-guided, task-based course to create your great. It's practical, not theoretical. 

In this blog post I'm sharing the daily videos that introduces each learning module.  Now, you can easily get a taste of the content and style and of this how to start a startup course which you can purchase as a either a box download of PDFs or the online course with a ton more videos plus 30-days email coaching one-on-one with me (personally).

Your business is your own creation - you choose the product, service, market and niche. Don't worry if you have no idea right now, the course is packed with tools. This course has nothing to do with network marketing or multi-level marketing.

You need to be confident with technology; however, there's no need to be technical be or able to code. This is the guide for the non-developers. We're for creators.

Day 1: Introduction Video: Your network, your contacts. Prepare for email marketing.

Day 1 Summary

Today you'll learn that your network is your net worth. 

You will get your digital network LinkedIn followers, Gmail Google contacts, Facebook friends and other social media sources up to date and all into one contacts list service. I recommend Brewster (also know as Full Contact), for phenomenal contact management.

Later in the course your contact list will become your email list, it’ll be cleaned of old contacts and harvested for networking, customers, sales leads and joint venture partners then exported into a emailing marketing service. I like Mailchimp, but there are other email automation and marketing tools you can use such as Mad Mimi or AWebber.

You'll also start to think about your mastermind group. Your co-creators, imagineers, helpers, and secret weapon to speed up your trajectory to market.

Every step is documented with practical instructions in The 10-Day Entrepreneur course.

Day 2: Introduction Video: You and your talents and skills. Discover the best business idea for you from within you. 

Day 2 Summary

Today you'll learn that a business is the optimum vehicle for our skills and talents, and that there is no cap on how much you can earn. 

You'll look inward and get clear on your primary objective for starting a business, your skills, your values, unique talents, lifestyle, personality and where you get your motivation. You'll complete the free 16 personalities test along with other tools to find the right style of business and business idea for you to suit your business goal. 

You have clear way forward for your business by the end of the day it will feel achievable, natural and relevant to you.

Every step is documented with practical instructions in The 10-Day Entrepreneur course.

Day 3: Introduction Video: Make money by solving customer problems. Find a business idea that has a real market and real customer demand to make real money.

Day 3 Summary

You'll end the day with a simple business plan and business model all on one page, I like Canvanizer.  In startup terms this is a lean canvas.

Your business plan will have been critiqued and pressure tested by a mastermind group that you have assembled. You'll understand that your customer's problem is your starting point - not your idea for a product, or market, or niche. Create one or more user stories describing your customer need - who they are, what they want and why - using this approach to drive your product development and thinking.

Only when you understand the customer problem can you then create products and services. 

You'll learn that you are looking to create the minimum viable product to test your hypothesis and get rapid customer feedback to improve a prototype or concept.  Undertake easy and sneaky market, competitor and keyword research to support your understanding of the customer's problems, who is currently trying to service that market, how they are going about it, popular keyowrds and the price point they are charging so you will see if it's a money maker.

Your mastermind group comes together to give valuable feedback and amplify and critique your business ideas.

Every step is documented with practical instructions in The 10-Day Entrepreneur course.

Day 4: Introduction Video: Feedback and Social Media. Validating your business idea, products or services.

Day 4 Summary

Feedback and data now fuel your business idea to ensure that it really stacks up and that people are going to bite your hand off for what you have to offer. 

Today your business idea goes out into the world for fast feedback, all your primary social media platforms will be set up, you will request reviews for your business and you'll create a meme.  You begin to create the foundation of your brand and presence. 

Give careful consideration to what your Twitter handle and Facebook Business Page will be called. If you already have a social media empire set up don't dismiss today - you may be solving problems for new markets and customers with different interests - a new Twitter handle and and Facebook Business Page or brand new social media platform may be just the ticket to connect deeply with a new market and to test business and product ideas.

Every step is documented with practical instructions in The 10-Day Entrepreneur course.

Day 5: Video Introduction: Your email list. Create your email marketing list.

Day 5 Summary 

Now you get your list out of Brewster and via Google Contacts into Mailchimp. Brewster has done all the hard work consolidating it all and putting it into one format. We’ll get your list and data nice and clean removing randoms and unnecessary people. 

Your business, by the end of today will have it's own list for a newsletter, requests for feedback or information about your new business and it's services. Today can be a bit process heavy - if you love a process this will be right up your alley if you are creative you may find today uninspiring - just go step by step, slowly and tick each task off as you go. You'll be fine. Don't worry creative people there are days ahead for creating digital assets and your book cover! 

Today, we are now enabling you to connect with your network systematically, with beautiful emails to engage your prospects and sell. Also you should start to see feedback rolling in and just keep monitoring that and responding with gratitude to anyone who provides you with feedback on your business idea - good or bad.

Every step is documented with practical instructions in The 10-Day Entrepreneur course.

Day 6: Video Introduction: Packaging and positioning for market. Nailing your offer and value proposition.

Day 6 Summary

Today your business gets very real with the finalising of your killer book title, your book cover art will be done or briefed in to a designer and you will have some loose draft copy for your lead magnet and first products completed ready for your online store

You'll also pay close attention to the feedback you have received, the words and language that people use to talk about the problem and the solutions that they want and further inform the keyword research you did on Day 3.

It all pays off now as you start to think about how you communicate, position and package your free lead magnet and products or services for the market in a way that will engage and delight them.  

As always keep reaching out to your masterminds for feedback and ideas.  

Every step is documented with practical instructions in The 10-Day Entrepreneur course.

Day 7: Introduction Video: Laying the groundwork for PR, e-commerce and connection. Platforms and services to become a content creator with ease and run an online store.

Day 7 Summary

Today you can lay all the ground work to be a valuable source for the media, you'll set up an elegant online calendar, I like Acuity Scheduling, so that people can book and pay for your time, set up your online store choose one you like, I recommend Selz, and products for sale and enabling people to sign up for your newsletter and emails.

Of course you will be posting valuable content to your Facebook Business Page and Twitter and any other relevant social media platforms to build up your content on these platforms. You are poised on the edge of having everything ready for market and release.

You will soon hook in all these services directly into your Facebook Business Page and other platforms such as your own YouTube channel so it becomes the beating heart of your new enterprise.  You are engaged in social entrepreneurship and you are winning.

Every step is documented with practical instructions in The 10-Day Entrepreneur course.

Day 8: Introduction Video: Open for business. You have a professional online presence across multiple platforms and can collect leads and payments.

Day 8 Summary

Today you'll create a consistent brand, fonts, colours and style for your business across Facebook and Twitter and any other social media platforms you choose plus email and much more.  I like Canva, but you can outsource it or use your own preferred graphics design software.

Then take your Facebook Business Page to the next level - integrate an ecommerce store, the ability to book appointments with you plus email capture of people who are hot prospects for you to send newsletters and offers for future email marketing.

Every step is documented with practical instructions in The 10-Day Entrepreneur course.

Day 9: Introduction Video: Creating your platform and your video. The services and steps to become an influencer.

Day 9 Summary

Your business doesn’t begin and end with your Facebook Business Page or online store, for the most part it will be a destination for people once they have heard a little about you and they are keen to discover more.

By the end of today you'll understand that you have to create multiple platforms for your message and your business to percolate into the market. You now go fearlessly into the world of networking events, MeetUps and startup groups to engage with the market, do research and refine your products to meet their needs. You meet new people and charm and delight them with what you’re creating and the customer problems that you are solving and get face to face feedback and improve your networking. 

In addition to doing the groundwork at the grassroots, you'll pull yourself into he orbit of the best and the most influential in your niche online you engage and add value to their content and share it joyfully and become a fixture at their online events and talks. Observe them and become an influencer too. 

Every step is documented with practical instructions in The 10-Day Entrepreneur course.

Day 10: Introduction Video: Campaign Day. Construct and schedule a marketing campaign to your target audience.

Day 10 Summary

Today you will create the structure of an upcoming book or ebook which you can sell or gift as a lead magnet. You are the author of an upcoming book!

You'll also come to grips with how to construct a marketing campaign and promote your business idea, products or services.

It isn’t enough to have a store and a good idea you need to have a carefully planned and co-ordinated, consistently looking and well messaged marketing effort.  It’s a numbers game you have to fish where the fish are online and in person, repeat your message and offer until you are tired of it, and promote it everywhere you can think of or get away with - only when you are tired of it are they probably just starting to get it, and look for new and interesting ways to communicate and connect with your market. 

Your business depends upon consistent effort, graft and creativity to connect and delight your market. 

You may not find success with your first product or offer but you have all of the infrastructure, the mastermind, the tools and tactics to rinse and repeat trying something else - it’s the infrastructure that takes most of the heavy lifting but that is done and now you can concentrate on rolling out product after product, offer after offer, campaign after campaign, lean canvas after lean canvas. You now have a scaleable business blueprint for any business idea.

Every step is documented with practical instructions in The 10-Day Entrepreneur course.

Bonus Module: Introduction Video: How to run your business like a boss from the beach. Apps, processes and outsourcing. 

Bonus Module Summary

Get all your smartphone apps set up.  You'll download apps to your smartphone or tablet pull them all onto one screen so that you can efficiently manage your business.

Get used to being efficient and effective.  You don’t want to spend time working in your business you want to spend time working on your business and creating or sourcing new products for a hungry market that has been validated by data and research.

Create a schedule and write processes to run and optimise your business write the steps you take to complete each task for every aspect of your new business - the sooner you have your preferred way of doing this documented in a clear and repeatable process the sooner it can be outsourced and off your desk.  Document absolutely every step you take to action work or outcomes. 

You can choose to run your business yourself from your smartphone - you have aced the set up of your technology kingdom; but you can outsource any tasks to a Virtual Assistant (freelance personal assistant) where you have:

  • a simple, clear, unfailing step by step process that is documented, 
  • a time limit,  and

  • rules (if this thing happens then do this or stop the task or email me or something else).

Every step is documented with practical instructions in The 10-Day Entrepreneur course.